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Fleato.com is a Web 3.0 marketplace for Art and Fashion. Our mission is to provide Artists and Designers around the world a platform that is equitable and capitalizes on Web 3.0 capabilities ( Tokens, NFTs, DAOs) to add true and unprecedented value to the Art ecosystem. What started as a technical experiment many years ago when my partner Mano Samy and I were not able to buy tickets to bitcoin conference using Bitcoin, turned into an obsession to make Web 3.0 useful. We also found a mission and purpose along the way that's more fulfilling than success or failure of Fleato!!

Fleato strives to bring together Creators (painters, sculptors, photographers, designers) and Customers in a vibrant environment. I don't know of any other profession that requires same level of blood, sweat and tear commitment as being an Artist. I truly hope that Fleato can do justice to our mission of building an equitable, representative and vibrant Art ecosystem. It differentiates from other marketplaces by using Blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies to break boundaries and enable new innovative capabilities.


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